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Why Should You And Why Should You Not Use Nasal Decongestant

Nasal decongestant shrinks blood vessels that are swollen due to allergies. These actually reduce the blood flow to the membrane associated with it and hence shrinking the blood vessels. Decongestants are not guaranteed remedies but works pretty well compared to antihistamines. Those with conditions like heart problem, thyroid, diabetes and high blood pressure should consult a doctor before making use of decongestants. Decongestants actually increase the blood flow rate, which might enhance the already existing problems.

Nasal decongestant – Availability and methods of using

Decongestants are available through various forms: sprays, pills, drops and liquids. Sprays are widely used, as in most cases, it does not cause any side effects. Most usual side effects of decongestants are insomnia (sleeplessness), itchiness, dizziness etc. Decongestants are mostly prescription free but it is not advisable to use them continuously for more than three days. Decongestants should be used only during daytime as it will increase the blood flow rate and hence sleeplessness.

If you are suffering from the congestion for a longer period, say more than three days you had better meet a doctor and get treated. Because using decongestants for a long time might actually cause congestion rebound and as a result, you might have to take heavier doses of medicines. Most doctors suggest not using decongestants that include antihistamines. People with health issues like heart problem, thyroid and diabetes when consuming such combination medicines will face serious trouble. Ask the drug store keeper to brief about its ingredients before buying it, if not clearly mentioned.

Difference between nasal decongestant and antihistamines

Both the drugs are medicines for saying, cold related issues. However, they should be used in a proper way carefully considering the symptoms of the problem. Nasal decongestant as the name clearly indicates, it should be used as a medicine for congestion. While on the other, hand antihistamines should be used as a medicine for runny nose, itching etc. Antihistamines actually cause drowsiness while decongestants increase the blood flow rate. There are also medicines combining both the decongestants and antihistamines.

Most people commonly use Vicks Sinex and you can get it prescription free from the drug store. However, as we said before, those who are suffering from, heart issues, high blood pressure, and thyroid should definitely consult a doctor before use. Doctors might suggest saline nasal spray, which can sometimes clear congestion. A humidifier might come in handy for people with such conditions. Not even the smallest of dose of decongestants should be given to infants. The dose will be very strong on them.

Medicines with the combination of both decongestant and antihistamines are available in drug stores but can be bought only with the advice from the doctor. Theoretically, it should balance the drowsiness of the antihistamines by the stimulation created by decongestants. Doctors know when to consume what dose of such medicine, considering day or night. Until the solution is out of reach, it is always better to stick with the decongestants. Few natural remedies include inhaling eucalyptus steam. This natural nasal decongestant is one of the best remedies and is in practice for decades.


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