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All You Need To Know About Nasal Decongestant For Children

Does your little one have difficulty breathing through his/ her nose with a lot of fluids and mucus flowing out? If yes, save your child from the unbearable congestion burden by using nasal decongestant for children. This has been a common product used all over the world for nasal relieve since antiquity. In ancient times the decongestant was purely in powder or liquid form which would be placed in bits through the nose working instantly to unblock the massive flood of mucus suffered from nasal congestion.

What is a nasal decongestant for children

Decongestants for children are medications that help reduce the nagging nasal congestion , relieving the pressure which leads to the much needed ease in breathing. The drug comes in different forms either in form of pills or nasal sprays. In response to the cold virus also known as allergens, the tissues in your child’s nose bulge which in turn respond by increasing production of mucus and fluids.
This feeling caused by the congestion causes fullness of acute pressure in the nose including the head that normallyresult to breathing problems. If you are not cautious enough for your child’s nasal blockage by seeking the doctor’s intervention, then you’ll be risking your child’s life. Having decongestants at your disposal will most certainly if not instantly bring the much needed breathing comfort when the ‘congestion monster’ is on the loose. These decongestants simply work like magic! This minute your child may be helplessly struggling to take some gulps of oxygen and the next minute – ‘yay!’ – breathing even better than you do.

Be cautious about nasal decongestant for children!

“Does my child have sinusitis or it’s just a nasal congestion?” This is a question that every parent should ask him- or herself before giving their children nasal decongestants. A point to be noted – Sinusitis CANNOT be cured using nasal decongestant! The medication can cause more harm than good since in some cases, it may increase the sinus inflammation. However, the medical expert may decide recommend decongestant to your child to help unblock the nasal congestion caused by sinusitis.
Nasal decongestant for children shouldn’t at any cost be used on infants of all ages. Children under the age of four years are also not to be given this medication. In fact some experts are very keen on this precaution in that they won’t recommend it to a child who is below the age of 14 years. This is because of the side effects associated with the drug(mainly affects the central nervous system – CNS ) causing convulsions, unconsciousness, irregular heart rates and might even lead to death.
Having the right remedy from a qualified medical practitioner should definitely be the first step to decongest your child the right way. Many parents assume the various medical prescriptions given by doctors, and this has provento be fatal in the end. Take care of your loved one by playing it safe. Have the best recommended nasal decongestant for children and all you’ll have is a decongested nose that would with no doubt bring joy to your little one.


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