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Know More About Nasal Decongestant Home Remedy

People often search for a nasal decongestant home remedy, because no one prefers having a congested nose. It is not that serious a condition, but the inability to breathe oxygen through the nostrils is irritating and annoying for many people, if the conditions lasts for longer periods. People who suffer from congested nasal route start breathing through their mouth. While there is no harm in breathing through the mouth, the bad result of the same is chapped and dry lips. Many people are not even able to enjoy a sound sleep due to congested nose.

Causes of nasal decongestant home remedy

The most common reasons of congested nasal are cold as well as the flu. However, there are many other causes too like reaction to allergens, extreme physical exertion, high levels of stress, as well as air pollution. There are even a few medications like birth control ones, diuretics, etc. that lead to nasal congestion. Extreme use of nasal decongestants to result in stuffy nose.

One of the most preferred routes to decongest nasal is steam. Steam has taken either through a shower or kettle helps relieves the nose. Even a cup of steaming soup and its steam helps a lot. Another method is to boil water in a pot and remove it. The person is required to drape personal towel over the head while leaning over the pot. The person should take care not to touch the steaming pot. The towel forms a tent like thing on the head, so that the steam does not escape. This is the sure shot remedy to unclog the nasal route, that too in just ten to fifteen minutes. People should make sure that the water is really hot. The person should take breaks in between if the steam is unbearable.

Other nasal decongestant home remedy

Many essential oils help relieve people of congested nose. While using the steam method that is mentioned above, people can add 2-3 drips of aromatic eucalyptus oil to the steaming pot. Instead of steaming pot, people can even add the oil to their humidifier, diffuser or the vaporiser to relieve their nose from congestion. Many fluids to help relieve stuff nose and act as a nasal decongestant home remedy. During the suffering period, people can have water, juice or tea, which helps thinning the mucus and alleviate the stuffed nose.

However, beverages containing caffeine should be avoided completely as caffeine only adds to the problem. People can even make use of specialised breathing strips. Breathing strips act as the excellent alternative to decongestant. Overuse of decongestant can make breathing worse during the problem, unlike the strips. These need to be placed on the bridge of the nose. It ultimately helps relive nasal decongestion.

People who have trouble sleeping can use it during night. The nasal sprays work wonders too. They moisten the membranes of the nose and help a person breathe easily. Mixing one-fourth teaspoon baking soda with equal quantities of table salt and 8 ounces water, acts as saline spray. The mixture can be put into a nose dropper and squirted into nostrils. Many people, nowadays, have begun to trust the nasal decongestant home remedy to solve the problem naturally. However, in extreme cases, a visit to the doctor helps.


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